How do you remove or hide the WordPress top menu from a single page?


There are multiple ways to remove/hide the WordPress menu from the website.

1. Remove/Hide the WordPress menu from the Page Attributes.

  • Login to the WordPress Dashboard.
  • Pages -> Edit Page -> Page Attributes

  • Change Default Template to Blank Page

  • Page without Menu


1. Remove/Hide the WordPress menu with CSS.

If you want to change the style of a specific element on a certain page or post, you can change with a specific Page ID. you can see specific page ID on the WordPress Dashboard.

  • On the example above, the page’s unique ID is .page-id-179. We can use it to change the elements within that page.
.page-id-179 .main_menu {
display: none;

Please add the above code to Custom CSS in Appearance -> Customize.